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Eridanus Optics CC can supply a wide range of eyepieces and other visual accessories.  Contact us if you cannot find on these pages what you are looking for.

See the Binocular viewer section for Balow nosepieces.

Baader Planetarium
1" Zeiss Abbe 2x Barlow
VIP Modular 2x Barlow (fits 1" and 2" focusers)
Alan Gee Tellecompressor
Flourite Flatfield converter (4x-8x) (World's best Barlow lens)
MPCC Coma Corrector 2" for all Newtonians (With new removable 2" collar)
Guan Sheng Optical
2x Shorty Barlow 1"
2x Shorty Barlow 1"
2x Shorty Barlow Plus (Apochromatic) 1"
Inhouse/No Name
The best selling series is our unbranded 2x Barlow lenses.  These Barlow lenses are fully multicoated and we frequently receive positive feedback from our clients.  These lenses are also available as part of our kits.  Read the review of this product here.
1" 2x Shorty Barlow lens
1." focal reducer (0.3/0.5 combination)