Sky Log

The Sky Log contains a selection of projects.  An area of the sky with naked eye objects, binocular objects and telescope objects is discussed and the objects identified.  Instructions to help beginners are provided.  The text is supported by star maps.
Historic Sky Logs are available in the archive and old Sky Logs  are still valid in later years.  The only possible change are the position of planets.
The instructions to locate objects presented in the Sky Logs are compiled by Andrie van der Linde from his home in Pretoria.  He has substantial light pollution to content with and take it into account when preparing the instructions.  He uses a 10x50 binocular as well as a 6" SkyQuest Dobsonian .  In the majority of cases, the actual objects are visible in the binocular (for Binocular targets) or in the telescope (for Telescope Targets).
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