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1. Green Laser Pointers
  R595.00 (Special)
2. 1¼” 13% Moon Filters
3. Baader Zoom eyepiece
  R1895.00 (Special)
4. 2x Barlow lens (1¼”)


Eridanus Optics CC can supply a wide range of eyepieces and other visual accessories from Baader Planetarium, Guan Sheng Optical, Orion, William Optics and our inhouse no-name brand.  We also stock Zoom eyepieces, Binocular viewers and eyepiece and accessory kits as alternatives to normal standard eyepieces.  Contact us if you cannot find what you are looking for on these pages.

Prices subject to change.

Sirius Plossl 6.3mm 1.25" R410.00
Sirius Plossl 10mm 1.25" R410.00
Sirius Plossl 12.5mm 1.25" R410.00
Sirius Plossl 17mm 1.25" R360.00
Sirius Plossl 20mm 1.25" R410.00
Sirius Plossl 32mm 1.25" R470.00
Sirius Plossl 40mm 1.25" R490.00
Optiluxe 32mm 2" R1495.00
Optiluxe 40mm 2" R1495.00
Optiluxe 50mm 2" R1375.00
DeepView 35mm 2" (56 FOV) R695.00
DeepView 42mm 2" (52 FOV) R695.00
Expanse Eyepiece set (66 FOV) (6mm, 9mm, 15mm, 20mm) R1695.00
Stratus Wide Field 3.5mm 1.25" (68 FOV) Not available
Stratus Wide Field 5mm 1.25" (68 FOV) R1145.00
Stratus Wide Field 8mm 1.25" (68 FOV)  R1145.00
Stratus Wide Field 13mm 1.25" (68 FOV) R1145.00
Stratus Wide Field 17mm 1.25" (68 FOV) R1145.00
Stratus Wide Field 21mm 1.25" (68 FOV) R1145.00
Explorer II 6mm R215.00
Explorer II 10mm R295.00
Explorer II 13mm R295.00
Explorer II 17mm R295.00
Explorer II 25mm R295.00
Zoom eyepiece
Premium Zoom Eyepiece 8mm (60) - 24mm (40) R2095.00